A Self-Love Experience is Necessary

A Self-Love Experience is Necessary

Three nurses who believe in the POWER OF SELF-CARE. The power of self-care is such an intricate component of motherhood. As mothers, the multiple hats that we wear can be so consuming that we become lost in the translation of motherhood.

We love being a mother, but we also love a self-care day to reflect on honoring ourselves for a job well. Self-care is more than a pedicure or a massage. The simplicity of fresh air, good eats, comradery, laughter, and sisterhood are the essentials of a self-love experience.

If you are wanting to experience an evening of self-love with confident like-minded women, join us for a night of relaxation and self-preservation in Jacksonville, Florida on May 1st.

🎯Tap the link below to view details or purchase your ticket  🎯‼‼

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